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Happy Halloween
End of Season Sale!
Summer is Here!
DEMO DAY 2.0!!!!


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Stihl has the best bars and chains available.
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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody! Yes,I do know that it's on Monday, but I thought I might as well publish this while I remembered! Have fun Trick-or-Treating, passing out candy, or whatever the heck else you do, 'cuz it's going to be Halloween. I bet you're also wondering why I'm wishing everybody a happy Halloween on a buisness blog, so I'll explain! Saw This is a family friendly buisness that likes to be fun and involved with the comunity, like when we had our Demo-Days! We appreciate all of our blog viewers and customers, and that is why I'm wishing you all a happy Halloween!


As you may have noticed, we've updated the website, and now have a more condensed, user-friendly website! We also got a new home-page, but we kept the old one incase you had something on it that you liked! The theme's also been updated to fit the chilly fall that's become of Northern-Wisconsin!

End of Season Sale!

Summer's coming to a close, and Autumn is right around the corner, so of course we're going to have an end of the season sale! Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and even bikes that are in stock are on sale! Get them while they're still in stock, and before Autumn closes in! Heck, you could still go out in a kayak or canoe on one of the many lakes and rivers around here, and enjoy the fall leaves! Stop in                          September 24, 9-12 and get some great deals!

Summer is Here!

School ended yesterday, so I'll be updating the blog more frequently, and since school is out, summer is here! This is the peak in the season, so if you see something that you like here, you'd better get it before it's gone! This also means it's paddle board season, whoop! Paddle boarding is my personal favorite paddle sport, you can easily swim off of it and get back on(my personal favorite feature of a paddle board!) plus you can gain some speed if you get a touring or racing board, or lounge in the sun on any board! As I previously stated, I'll be updating the blog more frequently, so be ready for more posts and updates on the blog and website! Bri Mattson, out!*Drops mic*

DEMO DAY 2.0!!!!

We're hosting our second annual Demo day on May 21st, hope to see you there! Try: kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, Stihl power equipment, and bikes! Factory reps on hand! See you by the river!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We'll be closed Thursday in observance of Thanksgiving and back @ 10 AM on Friday. Have a happy Thanksgiving!!! 

Join The Local Cycling Team!!!

bike sign,spooner,rice lake,hayward,stihl,framedJoin the local Cycling team! For grades 6-12. The season takes place July through October 2015. Races take place between August 30th and October 18th. Practice is usually 2-3 nights weekly. The program has certified and experienced coaches. Click on the link to get more information: .


We'd Like to give thanks to all the families and people who attended our demo day. Thanks for coming, hope to see you guys at next year's Demo-Day!:)

Demo Day July 18

stihl 661,spooner,wi.,hayward,saw thisFramed fat bike,yakima,sup,kayak,necky,spoonerBoardworks paddle board,starboard,spooner,minongCome to our demo-day
July 18th and try bikes
paddle boards, kayaks
canoes, and Stihl power
equipment. Please come
to our event and have some
fun! 9 'til 3.

Stihl 090 av

090 stihl was the largest chainsaw manufactured by Stihl.But ms880 has more power.Stihl 090 AV was the largest chainsaw Stihl produced, 136.8cc, 8.5 hp at 7000 rpm.(I have one of these , I also have a 3120 Husqvarna).
Stihl is the only chainsaw manufacturer to produce it's own bars and chains and in my opinion the best bars and chains available.
Don't you agrree?
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